Istria, Labin

Description of destination

Labin is situated at the south-east of Istria, in the vicinity of the nearby resort - Rabac.

The town, founded in the early medieval period, consists of two parts, the old town on the hill and the new part. From the old town hilltop called Fortica, is spreading a magnificent view on the Kvarner bay, Rabac, the island of Cres and Labin surrounding.

The city got name from the parentage of Illyrians and Celtics, Alvona. Alvona or Albona means "Town on the Hill". Albona was first mentioned in 285 AD.

During the Roman government, the city gained in importance and become a municipality. From this period has been preserved stone relief from the 3rd century with the insertion "RES PUBLICA ALBONESIUM”.

It is mostly recommended to visit the Town Museum located in the old city, in a very well preserved medieval palace Battiala-Lazzarini. The museum has archaeological and ethnological collections with miniature coal mine in the museum underground.

The Mine represents a reminder of the importance of the 2 century long coal mining industry to the area's history. It provides a unique experience to visitors.

It is worth to visit the Sculpture Park in nearby Dubrova. It features over 70 forma viva stone sculptures, and the number increases every year with new works.

The old town of Labin, is a Mecca for artists. There are numerous art galleries and ateliers.

During the summer, here are being organized various events like: St. Peters Day (Petrova); Days of the Town of Labin with cultural and entertaining program, Jazz / classical / pop rock concerts and other.

In the town, you can find bars, pizzerias and restaurants, offering traditional Istrian cuisine. Throughout the year, once a month in the new part of town, takes place Labin Town Fair; Interesting place to visit.

Labin is only 15 minutes drive from the beautiful pebble beaches in Rabac.

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